Signature Facial 60 minutes - $129
This facial is customized to your very own skin type and includes steaming and extractions. Skin is left glowing, hydrated and refreshed.

Teen Facial 30 minutes - $75
Discover your skin’s potential as we spend 30 minutes focusing on corrective techniques. Choose from skin exfoliation, face and neck massage or masque treatment.

Diamond Microdermabrasion 45 minutes - $109 | Series of 4 $370 ($92.50 each)
Refine, renew and soften your skin through the use of our Diamond Microdermabrasion exfoliation system. Our non-invasive treatment uses tiny diamond covered tools to remove the up to 50 layers of dead skin on your face, revealing the youthful, fresh healthy skin beneath.

Diamond Microdermabrasion Facial 60 minutes - $129
Based on the foundation of the Diamond Microdermabrasion exfoliation service listed above, we extend the treatment with a focus on nourishing your skin and helping you achieve greater results.

Ask for more information on spot treatments and how we can target specific areas of concern to help minimize skin imperfections using Microdermabrasion.

Glycolic Facial 45 minutes - $105
Using the power of Lactic and Glycolic Acids, this facial targets damaged skin, leaving you with fresher, healthier looking skin with more even color and texture.

Glycolic Mask - Add on to any facial - $29
Our Glycolic Mask is a combination peel that contains both Lactic and Glycolic Acids.  The unique blend gives you the best of both worlds - a powerful, yet gentle mask ideal for clients of all skin types.

Complimentary skin care consultations available upon advanced booking requests.  Please call for more details.

StriVectin Treatments

StriVectin Anti-Aging Series Facials - 60 minutes - $139 | 30 minutes - $85
Ageless skin starts here with clinically-proven peptide powerhouses, featuring NIA-114™ that accelerates the rebuilding of skin layers to improve skin strength and reduce the look of lines and wrinkles. Work with our Spa Therapists to customize your StriVectin Anti-Aging Facial to address your specific skin care concerns. Experience the anti-aging power of StriVectin’s breakthrough NIA-114™ technology, discovered in skin cancer research. The changes you’ll see are based on actual clinical data: dramatically fewer wrinkles in 2 to 8 weeks.

Customize your StriVectin facial

Choose from:

Tighten & Lift

StriVectin Treatment Enhancement - $19
Gravity taking over? If your skin seems to be losing its firmness - maybe even sagging a bit around the neck and jaw line - it’s time to take matters into your own hands. Our tightening eye, neck and face treatment help skin look lifted, firmer and more youthful.
Volumizing Hand Massage - $19

Neck Firming Treatment - $19

Tightening Calf and Foot Massage - $19

Treatment Enhancements - Add on to any Facial

Ultrasonic - $49
The Ultrasound imports products deep into the skin. Promotes microcirculation and skin renewal. Products can then penetrate deeper into the skin, speed up absorption.

Microcurrent - $49
Microcurrent is a workout for the skin. It tightens, tones and smooths the muscles and connective tissues in the face by increasing cellular activity, and has been shown to reduce wrinkles. Radio Frequency - $45 Lifting and tightening. Reducing lines, promoting collagen regeneration and firming.

LED Light Therapy - $29
Choose from red, blue, green, purple, white or yellow.
Ask a Spa Coordinator for details on benefits of each light colour. Known to increase Collagen production, treat acne, treat pigmentation, stimulate lymphatic drainage, increase metabolism

Glycolic Mask - $29
Our Glycolic Mask is a combination peel that contains both Lactic and Glycolic Acids. The unique blend gives you the best of both worlds - a powerful, yet gentle mask ideal for clients of all skin types.

We offer a selection of home care items so that you may continue the enjoyment and skin care benefits of your spa visit at home. Recommendations based on your services and personal needs will be made at the end of your visit to better serve you.